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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My holiday is over......

What a lovely holiday I have had.  A pleasant week at home to do whatever needed to be done......and 4 nights away to do absolutely nothing, at Emerald Beach.

P1020029 This was the view from the lounge room. The house had a balcony across the front.  The lounge room, dining room and main bedroom has this spectacular view.

P1020030 Jordan, his friend Cohen and Greg pose for the camera on the balcony.

Our plan was to have no plans.  Each morning we woke without an alarm, and had a leisurely breakfast looking over the ocean.

The we headed to the beach, a very short stroll down the hill.  While the boys fossic on the beach looking for interesting driftwood, shells and rocks, as only boys can, Greg and I introduced Georgie to the joys of beach walking.P1020036

Looks as if they have sand in their pants??


It was Georgie's first trip to the beach and she wasn't all that fussed on the water, but chasing a ball was something else.



P1020031 This wasn't something we expected to see at the beach.  The kangaroo was in the little creek that ran into the ocean.  A very different sight for us, that's for sure.

P1020045 The view to our place from the beach.

P1020058 We walked for hours and each headland held another fantastic view, and more camera fodder


This is the view of Coffs Harbour from Mutton Bird Island.

P1020064 P1020070

More beautiful ocean views.


Yet another brush with the wildlife.

P1020074 This is how I spent many hours, I took my magnifying light and set myself up in a great position, and stitched away 'till my hearts content!

No cooking, no cleaning, no washing or ironing, my idea of a perfect holiday!

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aubirdwoman said...

Jule that looks perfect heaven, wish you had invited me. :)

Rebecca said...

One of the most bueatiful parts of the Austrailian coast I think. I am pleased you had a great time.
Hugs Bec

Sue said...

Hi Julie
What a great time you seem to have had, and lucky you to have a husband who likes to go beaching. Love the gifts you have made, and I must look for that mag. as it seems to have great things to make in it. I think (our) bag pattern was in one?
Your blogging is so good, I am useless at doing mine. I keep thinking I have nothing interesting to say.
Hope to see you again next year?