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Friday, September 18, 2009

Yippee! The holidays are finally here!

Ah... such bliss! I woke up this morning to the alarm at 4.45am with a smile on my face and a song in my heart....the last day for two beautiful weeks!

Now what has been happening in my part of the world this week...

P1020004 I gave this away today.  A work mate finished work today to await the birth of her first baby, and what better excuse to combine a cute panel with some matching yardage.  This one is flannel and feels really lovely.  I Machine quilted it heavily and machine stitched the binding, as a baby quilt I think it will need to be tough to withstand the washing and lovin' I hope it will get.

Today the parcel delivery man brought this......

P1020009 P1020011 P1020012

My dear friend Al and I have a swap arrangement and her delightful "Spring Blooms" mini quilt is here.

The colours are really lovely and her hand applique and embellishment embroidery are spectacular.  My side of the bargain is still to be completed, I have promised Al I have it at the top of my to-do-list for the holidays......

.......I just couldn't resist a new project........and I can blame Al for that too.  She sent me

Irish Chain in a Day by Eleanor Burns

and as I haven't actually made a "quilt"  in 2009 I went through my stash and came up with the fabrics for a double Irish chain in a 'twin' size.  Greg is turning 50 later this year and I would like to acknowledge the special event with a quilt and having Irish background it seemed like destiny!

P1020013 I haven't concerned myself with his favourite colours just grabbed the lengths suitable for the project and also by chance the red and blue are from the same range, I bought them as end of bolt sale items, and they will work a treat.

Stay tuned for follow up blog posts.

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cinzia said...

Well everyone apart from looks to be having a lucky day. both are gorgeous gifts.

Kali said...

Love the baby quilt Julie! Knowing you, you will make full use of the holidays with not too many idle moments...enjoy.

Fran C said...

Your quilts are lovely it is nice to see the one from AL it is obscure on her blog.

Linda said...

Happy days for you, Julie, to be on holiday! Enjoy them thoroughly.

My own DD's last day of work was also Friday, with her baby (my first grandson) due in just due weeks. The quilt you've made is just charming. I hope it's the bub's favorite lovey. Good on you for making it.

aubirdwoman said...

.... from she who hangs on evey word you utter errrrr type lol.

Jane or Ozjane said...

These are lovely Julie..I am gradually catching up on blogs