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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dust Storm......

It's been an awful day here in my neck of the woods.  I woke this morning to strong westerly winds, by about mid morning the sun had been blotted out and the atmosphere was orange.  The morning progressed and so did the arrival of more dust..... I have a clothes line full of clothes that will need re-washing....yuck!

As soon as I realized what was happening I locked up the house and put on the air-con to try to keep as much of the dust from settling on every horizontal surface in my house.

Not sure I was quick enough however, a gritty red haze can be seen in rooms of the house closed up last.

Rather than deal with that little issue, I chose to work on the borders of my Double Irish Chain quilt.  I did lots of unpicking and fiddling to get the border looking just how I wanted it.


78.5" x 58.5"

I had already taken out a row from the length to have the 4 patch blocks finishing on each of the four corners.  As there wasn't  a lot of fabric to play with I unpicked those blocks to use in the borders.

At one point I packed up all the fabric and the quilt thinking I would put it aside and work on something else, but the next thing I know my mind was working overtime and I could see exactly what I wanted to achieve with the borders, and the fabric I had on hand.

There will be sufficient blue and red fabric to use for the binding and hopefully that should bring it all together nicely.

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Simply Sandy said...

I love how you made the border. Don't you hate it when the creativity takes over and you just have to succumb!

Linda said...

I've seen pictures of, and read much about that dust-sand storm. Sounds awful, especially if you want to attempt to keep a clean house! But in the pictures, it sure looked pretty!

Love what you did with this quilt. Very clever how you created the four cornerstones in the borders. I can tell you're enjoying being on holiday and reveling in being able to create. Enjoy.

Fran C said...

The quit is stunning the borders really add to it.