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Sunday, February 08, 2009

My First Quilt


I have been cleaning out cupboards at home when I came across three of my early quilts. This one was probably my first. I remember exactly where I got the pattern and know that the fabrics were mostly polyester blends. The pattern is one by Robyn Ginn I think, I machine appliqu├ęd the shapes using a zigzag stitch and no vlisofix.......!!!!

The facial features and a spiders web are hand embroidered. I had no idea about binding and it looks like I stitched the binding to the edge of the quilt and turned it back and hand stitched it a bit like a facing. Well I did have a garment sewing background!

This one was my first quilt made with a patchwork and quilting teacher.


Once again, the fabrics were difficult to find, I knew by now that 100% cotton was important, but in 1987 they weren't as easily found as they are today, the colours and designs were very limited.

I hand quilted it and put it into my Baby Hope Chest. I was at this stage trying to get pregnant with my first child. This patchwork class was probably an attempt to distract me from what seemed to be a fruitless task!

This one was finished in 1995, after I thought I knew lots about patchwork and quilting.......?


as it can clearly be seen.....I still had a lot to learn!




I am contemplating an "Intervention" (Dr.Phil style) do I attempt to 'fix' this quilt? or do I leave it as a testament to just how far I have progressed in the last few years?

Oh and not only did I get better with my patchwork, I managed to get a beautiful baby daughter in August 1989 my second IVF attempt!


Jenny F said...

It is so exciting to find one's early attempts. Enjoy them and don't worry about the faults. They are part of your history and should be treated as such :)
Jenny F

Jane said...

Leave it.......I agree itis part of your history. Who would be ashamed of a photo of them learning to walk?
I am going to learn one day to treat your blog with respect.
I start peacefully looking and all of a sudden Madonna blasts me into next week.........oh my panting
I have mine switched off so that people have to chose to listen and can prepare for the shock. But am also trying to remember the ones that get me every time........vbg.

blessed speedy said...

Very cute and pretty good for first efforts - I wouldnt change them - look how much YOU can see you have improved....and when you are famous and have an exhibition they will be great to include along with your dear jane

Khris said...

Hey Julie...I have nominated you for an award...please pop over to my blog to see why..hugs Khris

Solstitches said...

It's fun to reflect on the early days and you should absolutely leave it alone because it is charming.