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Friday, January 16, 2009

Still banging on about Dear Jane.....

It was a hot, hot day here today and I am forever grateful to whoever it was who invented the air-conditioner!

These fabrics have joined my small stash of Repo-styled fabrics I am using for my Dear Jane Quilt blocks.

P1010650 Since I realized that I didn't need light fabrics, my choice has been made so much easier.  I was a bit stuck with the whole contrast idea, forgetting that the blocks are two colours and my background fabric is the light....creating the contrast!

Sometimes the-light-is-on-but-no-one-is-home in my head!

Oh well I am now able to choose my favourite (dark) fabrics without worrying about the contrast!

1 comment:

PamelaJ said...

Nice fabrics, Do ya wanna swap some of your left overs ?? I have lots of purples and pinks and am going to need heaps more .