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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Covered Recipe Book

This project has languished for several weeks after I made a boo-boo finishing it off.  I tried the 'bagging' method of finishing, you know when you stitch around the outside leaving a gap to turn it thru.....I did all that, then top stitched it, looked wonderful and I was about to give myself a hearty pat on the back when the damn folder wouldn't fit into the cover!

P1010660The stitchery had been done some time ago and I thought the fabric was just perfect for a recipe book will be pleased to hear I didn't toss it in the bin as I really felt like doing!

I unpicked it then put it aside to be worked on at another time.  Today is that other time.

P1010661 Binding was the answer! Using a 1 3/4" cut strip of hand dyed fabric I stitched it on with an extremely scant 1/8" seam.  I used a technique I'd seen on a tutorial (can't remember where) that uses glue to put the binding to the edge, press, then stitch.  It made it so much easier than trying to work around pins, and I was able to keep the very narrow seam allowance even.

Rather than hand stitching the binding down, once again the glue was used along the original seam line.  Once turned to the right side I was able to machine stitch right next to the binding edge and know that the wrong side was being caught in this seam too!

Another project bites the dust!


Solstitches said...

Those cakes in the stitchery look good enough to eat!
Lovely project Julie. It may have given you problems but it turned out beautifully in the end.


Di said...

Full marks for persevering, Julie. It was worth it in the end - such a pretty cover!

Lissa Jane said...

looks great. someone gave me the tip to use the bias tape steam a seam on the back of your quilt and to iron your binding onto that then stitch it down.. worth a try I guess (I've not done it) as the tape is already cut to 1/4"