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Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Wristlet" another bag of course!

This Wristlet was a little plain to me, so I used a scrap of fabric to create a fabric rose.

For anyone who hasn't tried one of these flowers, they are very easy and simple, and give a professional touch too!

Cut a strip of fabric double the required finished width plus 1" x about 15"

Fold fabric strip, right sides together, Stitch the two short ends closed using a 1/4" seam

Snip and trim these seams then turn to right side and press.

(Remembering that the wider the finished flower the longer the fabric strip would need to be, and a narrower finished flower requires a shorter length.)

Using a long machine stitch and a long tail of thread at the beginning and the end, stitch the length of the open seam, using a 1/2" seam.

Gather the length of fabric and manipulate it as you go to create the look to the flower, or bud you want for your project. Secure with the gathering threads and then attach to your chosen project.
If you want your item to be machine washable it would be a good idea to make it detachable!

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On my Verandah.. said...

Love your Rose Julie it looks Really your song choice by the way...very

Solstitches said...

That's pretty Julie. Thanks for sharing how to make the rose.