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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Now I need some Borders......

A lovely Sunday here today! Jordan stayed over at a friends house last night, and won't be
home until late this afternoon. Greg had things to do and that means I could spend the day in
my sewing room stitching away with a clear conscious! Not that I usually let a little thing like my husband and children stop me from stitching!!! It is an addiction after all!

That pile of cut fabric is now a top, and I am pleased to say that there was one brown toned fabric in the pile, a lovely paisley that worked well with the other florals.

I need a couple of borders now. I know for sure I will make the first one 1" finished but I'm not sure what colour, I will need to audition a few choices from my stash.

Then I am considering a second border, wider than the first, but not sure if I will use another couple of fat quarters from my stash for this as the pattern suggests.....stay tuned!
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Jane said...

Looking good Julie.
I also have two at the border stage.
The 9 patch that was going to be altered by changed nationality and became and Irish chain......
Then there is one way back in blog made of approx 3 charm square sets of Moda Nell's Flower shop. I added extra buff between every other charm so I think I need buff to float it..then I have some rhubarb and one of the dark brown florals.
Such fun.

Dana said...

Ooooo! Pretty top!

Madonna's Material Girl!! How funny! And, appropriate for a quilter!

sMC said...

I like that very much. btw re your comment on my blog - you haven't seen the pile that mounted trying to achieve each months swap. lol

Jo Jo said...

Looking good!! Jo x