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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blog Hopping!

Nothing on TV tonight! I should be finishing the hand stitching of the binding to my 9 Fat 1/4 quilt....but I find myself procrastinating!

Jordan is giving the Play Station a work out, Greg is having a shower and the TV is talking to itself! I'm on my lap top Blog Hopping.

What did I find you ask? Well a lovely give away at Jo Jo's Blog. This lovely blog called Home Sweet Home has some Bling for Pins by Pinks & Needles to give away and I think you should all go and check them out.

1 comment:

Jo Jo said...

Just got your comment. Thanks heaps for visiting. As fate has it I am in the middle of adding some 'rocking' blogs. Consider yourself linked. I am making some changes during my blogging hiatus (hope thats how you spell that word)so make sure you visit again and check them out. Good luck for the giveaway! Jo x