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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Hour Quilt Top

My latest project is now almost a looks much lighter in the photograph than I think it is in real life, but that could be because the dog sitting in the top right hand corner is (off) white, making it appear lighter!!! Damn dog?

I will now add a 6" finished border in the dark blue fabric, it has turned out to be quite large (81" x 72" before the final border) and rather than stress about the size and thinking about reducing the overall size I have decided to have it professionally quilted! That way I can confidently make it a large as I like!

I haven't decided on binding, I have enough scraps to bind it using all the fabrics, or I may use the blue from the final border....still thinking!

This project has been very enjoyable, the design is so simple and takes advantage of the lovely fabrics to great effect.....IMHO that is!
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Jacquie said...

Every time I see a quilt made from this pattern, I just love it. Last time I said I would order it. Now I'm really going to do it! Thanks for sharing.

Bluejanem said...

Hey Julie - I made this one too looks really good in your colours - the dog makes it look lighter though - LOL!

PS - thanks for checking out my ATC's on my blog. Happy swapping. Cheers Jane.

Dana said...

I don't have this pattern yet but after seeing this lovely quilt I think I better get it soon. Do you remember the fabric requirements on it? And, what do you estimate are the final dimensions?