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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stitchery & Nine Patch Scrap Quilt

My second finished quilt for 2008!
This quilt has been a while in the making, (What's new?) A friend brought a patchwork magazine to my house in early 2007, and as soon as I saw this design I knew I just had to give it a go.
The original pattern used machine embroidery in the snowball blocks, but I have a lovely collection of stitchery books by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly Designs that had been waiting for just the right project.

There are 21 stitchery blocks, and I noticed the change in style from the simpler drawings of Bronwyn's earlier work to the much more intricate designs of the most recent book I have.
I used my scraps once again to put the top together, and like my last finished quilt I put it together at my quilt retreat at the end of 2007.

Last weekend I basted it, then I left it on my cutting table for a week to wait for quilting inspiration.

I quilted in the ditch, then across the nine patch blocks, finally a quarter inch from the outer edge of the stitchery blocks.

While watching TV last night......Desperate Housewives I finished hand stitching the binding.

Now for a label or two......


cat in tassie said...

Hi Julie

You've done a great job with this quilt and the ones in the last 2 posts. I love quilts combined with stitchery, but I'm too impatient to do the stitchery LOL.
You've sure had a busy year.

Sew Prim Khris said...

Well done it..hugs
p.s. I have given you an award. Stop buy my blog to pick it up!!

Nicole and Phil said...

This is a lovely quilt! Well done!
You have made good progress so far this year! Hope to see lots of finishes...using your stash too! Congratulations...that's my goal this year too....although I did a big spend at the quilt shop yesterday....but in my defence, most of it was backing for current WIP's, and some fabric for 3 other quilts I am working on at the moment...nothing frivolous! LOL

Lissa Jane said...


I love your two finished quilts, bloody ripper! You want to finish some for me??? LOL

great starter, crap finisher!