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Friday, December 21, 2007

Block of the week 1 2 & 3

I have taken a leap and joined Crazy Mom Quilts block of the week.'s your fault! I borrowed my daughters lap top and took it to my sewing room where I used it to get the cutting instructions and then spun it around to get my placement directions.

No running back to the study every time I needed new instructions, no writing the instructions down.....I have talked myself into looking into a lap top for myself in the new year!

Strange how my 'things' are public property to my children, but when it comes to me borrowing from them it is another story!!!LOL
Back to the point of this blog first three blocks are complete.

I am using my stash, with no real plan for a specific colour or fabric design. My scraps are colour coded into clear plastic boxes, and I choose a box and select scraps that are large enough for the required peices to be cut.

My background fabrics are fat ¼'s of cream tone on tone. I just hope I have enough of them, it is amazing to me that just these three blocks have used up almost 2 fat ¼'s already!

Oh well....I'm sure there are many, many more cream tone on tone fabrics in the fabric shop!

1 comment:

Lissa Jane said...

hey, I am happy to encourage people to start new UFO's.. maybe their UFO list might be bigger than mine if they dont finish some of these projects!

I am beginning to think you are a Widget WHORE.. LOL.. everytime I come you got something new.. says a person who said 'I dont want all that stuffs on my blog'.. You are addicted to widgets! I wonder if there is a Widgets Anonymous???

Merry christmas to you :O)