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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tragic loss of a promising young man

My darling daughter Leah's boyfriend Aaron was killed in a car accident on Saturday 23rd September 2006 at about 6.30 pm while traveling home from an outing at Willowbank Raceway for Rotary engine cars.

The accident happened at a notorious intersection at Minden on the Warrego Highway.

This tragedy is just so difficult to comprehend. He was his mothers only child and as expected she is devastated!

Poised to begin life away from school, with all the expectations and dreams of a confident young man the decision to take one way home over another has shown me just how random life can be. There is no meaning in the senseless death of a 17 year old boy!

It will make the last term at school so very different to what they would have expected, celebrations, awards and valedictory speeches will take on a sadness that only tragic loss can bring! I only hope this loss can give them a renewed purpose to their young lives, to live their dreams and love life to the max!

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